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Friday, October 7th, 2011
4:04 pm
Anybody out there?
Was going through old groups I was subscribed to today and found this one hasn't had a new post in 4 years. Anyone still following? I play WoW still on AD.

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
4:59 pm
Server's down = Time to look at LJ
With our home server inaccessible for the time being, I'd like to take this opportunity to greet this community, that is, if there's anyone still around. It's been a while since there's been a post here. Just nod if you can hear me. ;)

I started playing WoW in March of this year, but I didn't roll on Argent Dawn until the end of April, when some RL & SL friends were starting a (mostly) blood elf guild. It's supposed to be an RP guild, but we usually wind up talking about gameplay. The guild members have made it a shared goal to get Orgrimmar wolf mounts. Afterall, our guild's name means "wolf rider" in Drow. My toon, Shinae, is a priest, currently at level 43. She is very close to having enough rep for the wolf, and she really needs to go to Uldaman for more enchanting training.

I also have a level-40 troll warrior, Bimini. I put her into the Wolfe Pack guild to see what it's like being in a bigger one. It's a good and growing new guild of fun and mature players. She still needs to complete SM! Ugh, I can't wait to get back in-game! See you folks there!
Sunday, March 11th, 2007
9:22 pm
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This week the Horde lost a badass warlock and a true friend.

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RIP Rotheavus.

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Saturday, November 18th, 2006
10:49 pm
*Cries* wow!
Yay! forgot about LJ communities *smacks self*

Heya you fellow Argent Dawners you!

I miss you all! Whether i fought along side you or against you.... :S ... HI! im just moving up to Edinburgh from london and cnt play WoW for like a month.... so major withdrawel symptons! *cries more*

If anyone here lives in Edinburgh.. you know of a meet that's happening soon? *crosses fingers* Would like to go soo... cool!

Heh.. happy gaming! Without moi... *sulks* :p
Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
7:37 am
MMOBAY warning
I recently found myself COMPLETELY unable to access my WoW account at all. I finally (after two days) was able to reset my password and gain access to my account.

Only I found that among ALL my characters, ALL OF MY GOLD WAS GONE!!!!!!!! MMOBAY was the ONLY service that ever had access to my account/password as I have bought gold and power leveling from their company before (via audrey_mmobay on Yahoo Messenger). Theirs was the ONLY company that access to my account information. I am pretty sure that I will NEVER GET MY GOLD BACK and I am VERY SURE I will NEVER use MMOBAY again.

Be wary of dealing with them!
Friday, July 28th, 2006
3:09 pm
Hi Argent Dawn
Hi all on Argent Dawn. Name is Kusahara (in game)...figured since I've been apart of this community for a while, I should make my presents known.

If y'all see me, say Hi... =D

-edit- would be good if I mentioned Im alliance...lvl 53 Night Elf Druid eh?
oh well, now you know...lol

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
9:09 pm
Hi. How's Argent Dawn these days?

I still play there regularly, I just, y'know, don't see all of what's going on.

I saw someone running around with a Seekers of Arthas guild tag today, level 50-ish undead mage. Did SoA reform or was this individual just a leftover from days of yore?
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
10:49 pm
Greetings Fellow Azerothienian... Warcafters!
Uh... Hi!
My names Kronkle... as you have probably guessed... and i have just left secondary school and need something to do...

I have a full charecter list on the Argent Dawn realm/server on the England realm/server list... I presume that most of the people that read this are too..

So i thought i would join so i could talk and maybe meet and quest with some random people i meet on here ^_^

To say i have been playing it for nearly a year, i havnt really gotten very far with any charecters with other games appearing every now and again and you know...
But my main charecters are:-
Darkthron lvl 41 NightElf Hunter Leather worker/skinner
Thardus lvl 17 Troll Warrior Miner/ blacksmith

As i say i have a full list of charecters all fairly low level ranging from lvl 7 to 20

So if anyone would care to add me in their freindslist they will see me on and i will say hi and talk to you, team up help out, you know, that kinda thing...

As soon as i can get the game / way of life to work again i will be on for most of the time...

Some thoughts before i sign off...

When i have the money together would anyone care to join me in starting a guild on Hordes side that is like a Traders Union, where we all make ourselves into little traders trading with each others and making a name for ourselves where people know they can talk to us and get good deals on things we make. We all join up and go out in the big world to find materials together and do general questing and stuff...

And with that i will leave you to ponder everything i have said. hopefully most of you will welcome me with open arms. Thankyou for reading if you did!

Please reply with Positive or Negatives to adding me :P and give your charecters detials you added me with ^_^

BTW: Feel free to add me as a freind on live journal and visit my not so good website where i put the stuff i make on FLASH and other things :- http://www.kronklestuff.tk/

Current Mood: optimistic
Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
11:34 am
Not much activity here lately...

I've got a question. Does anyone know where I can find a listing of japanese style swords found in WoW? I want to make a gnome rogue (combat swords) who uses only japanese style swords.

Current Mood: content
Sunday, February 26th, 2006
4:41 pm

Are there any groups that are running MC that need a warrior or a warlock that won't mind if I stay in my own guild? ;)

Basically I love the people I play with, however, I would also like a chance at better gear than sitting around in full blue.
12:13 am

How many folks here are involved in endgame raid content?

Of those that are, how easy was it to get involved?

How much success has your group had?

I get the feeling AD, Alliance-side, is pretty receptive to new raiders, these days; at the very least, there's a lot more folks doing MC than there used to be, so I'm wondering if it's really opened up or not.
Monday, February 20th, 2006
2:59 pm
So yeah
The opening of the gates. discuss.

I wasn't there for most of it...my group thought we'd have a better time in the instances itself than outside with the horrendous lag.

Went in last night with a half guild/half pickup group. Got up to the first boss and got him down to at least half. Didn't do too badly considering it was a pretty unbalanced, spur-of-the moment group (it was like "omg screw this crazy lag lets try AQ20). Fun place, in my opnion. Seems liek a mini-MC.

Just curious, any of you in the other raids manage to get one of the mounts?

I think i'ma try to get in a few more AQ20 in between now and Thursday/whenever it resets before the weekend. Any exp i can get in that place is good, in my opinon. :D
oh man new instances are so exiciting~
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
11:58 am
YaY last night just as I was out of mana, potions, oils of immolations, holy water, health, desperate prayer and buffs were starting to fade...the quest said complete.

It was crazy but I finally got my Benediction Baligan Profile


Oh and to those of you who went all weird on me awhile back about 1.10....

Yeah I told you...1.10 will make or break the class...and they are as of now making it!

Priest 1.10
Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
2:37 am
Argent Dawn server transfers
On Wednesday, February 1 at 3:00 AM PST, we will be opening a new PvE realm: Eitrigg. Players with characters on the realms listed below will be able to transfer their characters to this new realm. The transfers will be available until 3:00 PM PST, Wednesday February 8. During this time, standard character creation will not be possible.
Argent Dawn

Character transfers are available Monday thru Friday from 3:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST. If you're interested in transferring your characters from the realms listed above to the new PvE realm, please click here.

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Thursday, January 26th, 2006
5:49 am
HALLELUJAH FOR SERVER TRANSFERS. Hopefully that will thin out some of the stupidity lately (and hopefully no more ridiculous queues...)~
Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
7:14 pm
For anyone who might be interested, an Argent Dawn portal.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
4:21 pm
I just discovered this community thanks to a guildie of mine (Asura) so I decided to join and say hello. I play Azyra (60 NE priestess) and Adelaria (52 NE rogue) and a variety of little n00blet characters.

I'm actually looking for a new group to do MC/ZG/Onyxia/BWL/etc. with, since I stopped raiding with LH three months ago or so when I closed my account. I'd prefer not having to leave my guild since I <3 the people in it. So if any of you know of a raid group with a spot for a priest... let me know! I want to get back into raiding really bad and UBRS just isn't cutting it.
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
10:06 am
Hmmm so I guess im prolly the only NLer who uses this >.> so might as well burn you all with!

Fo' Da' Bunnies!!!

That is all ^____^

(Keep the supplies going hordies, we are doing real good with the pop imbalance and all)
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
11:20 am
Me again!

I want to thank everyone for their comments last time, I found them to be very useful. I'm now lvl 39, and have found many things to keep my occupied. I certainly enjoy swinging my new dagger, the black menace, that I received from a SM quest.

I managed to get into an awesome group for Scarlet Monastery last night (consisted of a 42 priest, a 39-40 hunter [levelled in SM], 42 rogue, and a 40 paladin), and we slaughtered the library, the cathedral, and the armory (for the quest peoples). I realized when I finished that I had only 2 quests for scarlet monastery in my journal. Is this correct? Do the alliance characters only have 2 quests involving SM?
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
6:28 pm
I thought, while I'm waiting forever for this damned patch to download, that I'd hop on LJ and peruse for some WoW communities. Huzzah, it has been found! I'm a recovering EQ/EQ2 player. I've got a level 14 night elf hunter (Amyndela) on Argent Dawn. I was hanging about Darkshore but decided to head to Ironforge for NYE and am now there, and preparing to find some quests and whatnot around there. Anything particularly fun you all would recommend? :D

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