Phil (valcion) wrote in argent_dawn,

So yeah

The opening of the gates. discuss.

I wasn't there for most of group thought we'd have a better time in the instances itself than outside with the horrendous lag.

Went in last night with a half guild/half pickup group. Got up to the first boss and got him down to at least half. Didn't do too badly considering it was a pretty unbalanced, spur-of-the moment group (it was like "omg screw this crazy lag lets try AQ20). Fun place, in my opnion. Seems liek a mini-MC.

Just curious, any of you in the other raids manage to get one of the mounts?

I think i'ma try to get in a few more AQ20 in between now and Thursday/whenever it resets before the weekend. Any exp i can get in that place is good, in my opinon. :D
oh man new instances are so exiciting~
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Blizz's raid reset calendar
The key to understanding this calendar is like this:
40 man raids reset during maintenance, which occurs on the morning of the listed day.
Everything else resets at 6am, the day after the listed day.

That means that if your guild plans to go into AQ20 on Saturday, you have time to get in two PUGs before then.

As for the gates themselves... I missed the main event due to some RL stuff, then I got to the raid too late for anything to happen and gave up on it. Kinda disappointing, but then, the main point of the whole thing for me was the new 20 man raid instance.

Come to think of it, there's supposed to be a ton of new solo and small group stuff now, too. I'll have to look into that.
There is, i was working on one of the quests this morning before class. Unfortunatley, i had to pick the "slay 30 Hive'Ashi workers" one...

I believe the prophet drops a quest now.

If it's the legendary mounts you're talking about, only people you're going to see on them are Elem and Polveru.
what's so special about these mounts? And what do they look like?
They're insectoid mounts. Everybody can get these inside AQ, but only the legendary ones are usable outside of the instance. They're awarded to those who complete the scepter quest before the AQ event is over.

And they look like bugs... the kind of silithid with the big mandibles and the asses that stick into the air and the little tiny wings. Horse-sized. Not sure what color.
I'm talking about the ones you get inside the mounts, obviously =P
and by exp i don't mean exp points, i mean experience :P