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Greetings Fellow Azerothienian... Warcafters!

Uh... Hi!
My names Kronkle... as you have probably guessed... and i have just left secondary school and need something to do...

I have a full charecter list on the Argent Dawn realm/server on the England realm/server list... I presume that most of the people that read this are too..

So i thought i would join so i could talk and maybe meet and quest with some random people i meet on here ^_^

To say i have been playing it for nearly a year, i havnt really gotten very far with any charecters with other games appearing every now and again and you know...
But my main charecters are:-
Darkthron lvl 41 NightElf Hunter Leather worker/skinner
Thardus lvl 17 Troll Warrior Miner/ blacksmith

As i say i have a full list of charecters all fairly low level ranging from lvl 7 to 20

So if anyone would care to add me in their freindslist they will see me on and i will say hi and talk to you, team up help out, you know, that kinda thing...

As soon as i can get the game / way of life to work again i will be on for most of the time...

Some thoughts before i sign off...

When i have the money together would anyone care to join me in starting a guild on Hordes side that is like a Traders Union, where we all make ourselves into little traders trading with each others and making a name for ourselves where people know they can talk to us and get good deals on things we make. We all join up and go out in the big world to find materials together and do general questing and stuff...

And with that i will leave you to ponder everything i have said. hopefully most of you will welcome me with open arms. Thankyou for reading if you did!

Please reply with Positive or Negatives to adding me :P and give your charecters detials you added me with ^_^

BTW: Feel free to add me as a freind on live journal and visit my not so good website where i put the stuff i make on FLASH and other things :-
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