Wendy Mistletoe (mistletoe) wrote in argent_dawn,
Wendy Mistletoe

Server's down = Time to look at LJ

With our home server inaccessible for the time being, I'd like to take this opportunity to greet this community, that is, if there's anyone still around. It's been a while since there's been a post here. Just nod if you can hear me. ;)

I started playing WoW in March of this year, but I didn't roll on Argent Dawn until the end of April, when some RL & SL friends were starting a (mostly) blood elf guild. It's supposed to be an RP guild, but we usually wind up talking about gameplay. The guild members have made it a shared goal to get Orgrimmar wolf mounts. Afterall, our guild's name means "wolf rider" in Drow. My toon, Shinae, is a priest, currently at level 43. She is very close to having enough rep for the wolf, and she really needs to go to Uldaman for more enchanting training.

I also have a level-40 troll warrior, Bimini. I put her into the Wolfe Pack guild to see what it's like being in a bigger one. It's a good and growing new guild of fun and mature players. She still needs to complete SM! Ugh, I can't wait to get back in-game! See you folks there!
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