Phil (valcion) wrote in argent_dawn,

So yeah

The opening of the gates. discuss.

I wasn't there for most of group thought we'd have a better time in the instances itself than outside with the horrendous lag.

Went in last night with a half guild/half pickup group. Got up to the first boss and got him down to at least half. Didn't do too badly considering it was a pretty unbalanced, spur-of-the moment group (it was like "omg screw this crazy lag lets try AQ20). Fun place, in my opnion. Seems liek a mini-MC.

Just curious, any of you in the other raids manage to get one of the mounts?

I think i'ma try to get in a few more AQ20 in between now and Thursday/whenever it resets before the weekend. Any exp i can get in that place is good, in my opinon. :D
oh man new instances are so exiciting~
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